Tiny Footprint Flowers


Tiny Footprint Flowers

Beautiful Blooms Grown Locally


We grow flowers on a small scale in San Jose, California. We use organic and sustainable practices to bring heirloom flowers to the heart of Silicon Valley. 


Weekly Spring Bouquets

We’ll be offering flower bouquets beginning in March. Our bouquets are informal mixes of seasonal flowers, tulips, loosely arranged in a re-usable glass vase.*


Take home your bouquet and enjoy – no fussing around with finding a vase, cutting stems and fluffing up the blooms (unless you’re into that). We have different sizes, one is sure to be perfect for a dining table, kitchen island, entry hall or wherever you want a shot of color to light up your day. And of course our bouquets can be gifts for someone special.

* if you bring it back to us we’ll make sure it’s used again.


Order Online

You can order bouquets online by clicking here.

We grow flowers seasonally, so the colors may change with every month. We include blooms you won’t find just anywhere - forgotten varieties that don't ship well, always beautiful, sometimes hauntingly fragrant. Think fragrant sweet peas, parrot tulips and wildly colored dahlias, each combined with small treasures like forget-me-nots, lavender, mint and Queen Anne’s Lace. Take home your bouquet and enjoy it, or give it as a unique gift.


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