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About Us


Don & Julia Watson

We call our business Tiny Footprint Flowers because we’ll always grow on small pieces of land, starting in our own back yard. Julia has been a gardener for many years, and as an artist she finds continual inspiration for her paintings by the flowers she grows. But it’s only been recently that Don convinced her to share her passion for flowers in a new way, by growing blooms to sell in their own community. Together they make a perfect team - Don  likes to tinker and build and learn new things and Julia just loves to grow flowers.


Julia Watson

Julia is an artist, an oil painter specializing in flowers. She worked for many years as a research scientist and that training shapes the way she approached both art and growing flowers:  with careful observation, experimentation and record keeping, constant reading and learning.

To see more of Julia's paintings, visit her website at or see them in person at Gallery 24 in downtown Los Gatos, California, 24 N. Santa Cruz Ave. She's also on Instagram:  @juliawatsonart.


Don Watson

Don is a Realtor with a background in engineering, which came in handy when planning the lean, ultra-efficient process of flower farming on a small scale. Don says he's been promoted in the garden: "After years of being the part-time handyman and watching the amazing array of flowers that Julie grew and brought into our home, I'm excited to be the full-time horticultural engineer and junior floral consultant at Tiny Footprint Flowers. I love the challenge of seeing how much beauty we can squeeze out of our tiny footprint of a flower farm. We hope that you enjoy the bouquets in your homes as much as we have over the years."

Julia's Art

available at and at Gallery 24 in Los Gatos, California.

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