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Artistic Inspiration

The painting above just went to Gallery 24 in Los Gatos. I painted it from real roses in my garden - a variety called Hot Cocoa. I confess, I changed the color a wee bit. Blooms from the real Hot Cocoa are not this bright and not this red. I also confess that I painted from a photograph, because I took out Hot Cocoa years ago. It had beautiful blooms, but it was so thorny that I could hardly prune it and besides, I needed space for something else. A garden changes!

The painting below features sweet peas - everyone's favorite for evocative fragrance. These were from last spring, but I have more sweet peas this year, almost ready to bloom, so I'll be painting them again this year. You can always see my paintings on my website,, or at Gallery 24 in Los Gatos.

oil painting of sweet peas
"Sweet Peas" by Julia Watson

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