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February in Review

This was a month for watching and waiting, while things began to unfold. There were many days that were wet, windy and cold. Daffodils don’t mind all that - they started our flower year with glowing yellow and orange blooms. The tulips were growing too, and when we had a week of warm, sunny weather at the end of the month, they exploded all at once!

Row 1: First bouquets of Feb., our daffs, had to buy stock; anemones coming up; new growth at our"annex" plot.

Row 2: Daffodils and hellebore; 'Parrot King' tulips; our parking strip before the tulips bloomed.

Row 3: 'Anna' apple blossoms; 'Brackenhurst' daffodils; peas on the trellis with ranunculus in front of them;

Row 4: Front yard with Iceland poppies and daffodils; larkspur coming up in the back yard; long stemmed tulips.

Row 5: Anemones, poppies and tulips, subscription bouquet with poppies and daffs; Don watering at the annex.

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