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I Dream of an Arboretum

Davidia tree in bloom
Davidia tree in bloom

Other people have fantasies about winning the lottery and sailing off to Tahiti, but me? I dream of planting an arboretum. I admit, this isn’t an all-consuming, obsessive kind of vision, just a little daydream I have from time to time when I realize that I don’t have space to plant trees. What would I have in tree park? Here’s my list – feel free to tell me about others that I could add in. Maybe I could plant some your favorites in my dream arboretum.


I saw this tree at Stourhead in England. Read more here.


There are so many types, and actually I could maybe have a small one in my real life garden if I chose the right variety and grew it in a container.

Crepe Myrtle

San Jose has lots of these and in August they're all in full bloom, making my regular neighborhood walk a delight. Red, pink, violet, white - I walk and try to decide which one I like best.


These California natives put out cerise- colored flowers in early spring. They look fantastice when teamed with true-blue Ceanothus.

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