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Local Flowers for Valentine's Day

flower bouquet
A typical bouquet from our subscription service

If you’re thinking about red roses for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day, you might want to read “Flower Confidential” by Amy Stewart. Anthony Bourdain wrote “Kitchen Confidential” about the restaurant industry, now the flower industry gets the same treatment in Stewart’s book. She tells us about where those red roses are grown (mostly Ecuador), how they get to us and what happens to them. You might be shocked.

But the story is changing because interest in local flowers is growing. This year, right here in Northern California, you can buy flowers and floral gifts from local growers and florists. You’d be helping small business owners and skipping quite a few toxic steps in the big box flower chain.

Sure we'll have roses - but they won't start until April or May. Our bouquets are always seasonal.

Here at Tiny Footprint Flowers we won’t have roses in February, or any red flowers, but we’ll have cheerful daffodils in bunches or pots. Better yet - give your sweetie one of our bouquet subscriptions. Click here to shop for our best seasonal flowers. But because our stock is limited, and because we want to promote local flowers, we’ve made a list of other sources for you to consider as you shop for Valentine's Day.

Gal in the Glen has bouquets, sourced from California flower growers.

Grace Hope Flowers in San Jose offers bouquet subscriptions.

Bluma in Berkeley has a wide array of flowers and subscriptions, grown on a rooftop garden.

Bunches in Los Gatos has fragrant bunches of stock in white and pink. If you want something dramatic, ask for beautiful flowering branches, like quince and cherry.

Petite Petal in Campbell has gift certificates for workshops, as well as bouquets.

Jo’s Posies in the East Bay has red and white anemones. Find Jo on Instagram: @josposies

If you’re in Tahoe or the Sierra foothills, try Little Boy Flowers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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