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Looking Back at April

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

bouquet of flowers
Seasonal blooms from April 2021

Just a roundup of photos from the month of April ...

Row 1 - We removed tulips and planted seedlings in the north parking strip - snaps, strawflower, celosia and scabiosa. We had to cover them during a few cold nights.

Row 2 - Daffodils, ranunculus and new roses growing well at our "annex" space; blooms of Omphalodes, a favorite fliller flower.

Row 3 - Rose 'Ingrid Bergman' and peony 'Godaishu'

Row 4 - Rose 'Pink Promise' and a weekly bouquet with ranuncs and rose 'Just Joey'

Row 5 - Weekly bouquet with stock, sweet peas, roses and ranuncs; our cooler was often filled with ranuncs during April.

Note to self – next year, be prepared for a ton of work from mid-March to mid-April. That’s when we make the shift from cool weather flowers and bulbs to warm weather flowers that need to be planted for summer. When I had a garden, as opposed to a micro-farm for cut flowers, I didn’t have a tight schedule for planting and there wasn’t as much to be planted. But with Tiny Footprint Flowers, the scheduling is critical.

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