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Looking Back on November

Chrysnathemums 'Apricot Alexis' and 'Seaton's Ruby'

November was our last month of harvesting flowers and selling arrangements, and chrysanthemums were the stars. I wrote about my favorites here, so now I’ll only post pictures.

Clockwise from top left: Bouquet featuring Annie Girl, Je'Dore and Peter Magnus mums; Sunlight on Je'Dore mums; Mankato mums, a daisy-form type; Senkyo Kenshin mum.

November is also the beginning of a busy period of planting for next spring. Here’s what we did:

Planted sweet pea seeds – I wrote about that here.

Planted plugs of biennials for next spring and summer – more on that here. By the end of the month, the Iceland poppies were growing well, and I bet they could bloom by New Year’s Day.

Pre-spouted and planted 50 ranunculus. I’ll plant 400 more soon, but these will give me a few early blooms.

Potted daffodil bulbs – I had saved about fifty or sixty bulbs from last year’s pots; they were kept dry in the garage until this month. Most of our daffodils are grown in the ground and rarely lifted, but these were miniatures that I grow specifically for pots.

Prepped our main growing beds for tulips and anemones. Goodbye to the last of our celosia, snaps and scabiosa, which were still blooming, long after zinnias had given up.

Direct seeded larkspur and tanacetum. Both take a while to flower - they'll probably start in June - but both are beautiful and useful. Tanacetum (aka Matricaria or Feverfew) will overwinter easily in our climate, so sometimes we keep a few of last year's plants.

white strawflowers
'Vintage White' strawflower was still blooming in November

flower bed
Don and Ian pull out the strawflowers and celosia from out parking strip bed.

flower bouquet
Purple 'Galilee' larkspur in a bouquet

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