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bouquet with marigolds
Marigold 'Giant Orange' with 'Benary's Orange' zinnia and pink scabiosa

I’m not a big fan of marigolds. But this year I grew a patch of ‘Giant Orange’ marigolds and when I see them in photos of our bouquets, I have to admit that they look fantastic, so I’m thinking that I might grow them again next year.

It’s mainly the smell of marigolds that I don’t like. When I mentioned that in one of my Instagram captions, another grower told me that although some people agree with me, many people like the scent, which she described as a cross between cilantro and mint. Maybe I should simply embrace the scent and hope that many of our floral customers will like it too.

If I grow ‘Giant Orange’ again, I’ll have the traditional flower for Dia de los Muertos celebrations. Combined with a few ‘Black Knight’ scabiosa you could have a dramatic floral design. But going back to the scent, I found a marigold variety called ‘Nosento Lime’ that supposedly has almost no scent. I’m going to try that one next year, along with ‘Coco Gold’ and ‘White Swan.’ Wish me luck!

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