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Nice In Someone Else's Yard

Updated: May 19, 2021

Brunfelsia flowering shrub; photo from the Spruce
Brunfelsia, aka Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

There are a few plants that I’m content to live without. This is hard for husband to believe – he thinks I want every plant I’ve ever come across and it’s true that I’ve grown a shipload of different plants in the years he’s known me. But there are plants that I really detest (more about those in a later post) and there are plants that I consider Nice in Someone Else’s Yard.

Here’s a short list of my “NISEY” plants.

Brunfelsia bloom
Brunfelsia bloom

Brunfelsia aka Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow I've admired these flowering shrubs, but not enough to give up garden space for one. They get large, and there's one in my neighborhood that I really admire, but that's close enough for me. The name comes from the way the blooms show three color phases at the same time. Read more here.

Brugmansia aka Angel’s Trumpet Again, there are some large specimens in my neighborhood but I can't give up garden space for them. They flowers are fragrant, but I don't much care for it, so I'll be content to admire from afar.

Bearded Iris
Bearded Iris

Iris I’ve tried these, and they’re nice, but I don’t love them enough to give them space in my garden. The blooms don’t last as cut flowers, I don’t like their scent, and they take up too much garden space when they’re not in bloom. If you like them, you should learn about all the different types, and if you live in San Jose, California, you should visit Nola's Iris Garden, info here.

Ceanothus shrub
Ceanothus 'Julia Phelps,' photo from Annie's Annuals

Ceanothus These California natives are truly beautiful once established, and I’d really love to have one, but again it's the space issue. The one shown above is available from Annie's Annuals and Perennials.

Muhly grass
Muhly grass, photo by Mark Turner

Muhly Grass Oh my, but these can be beautiful, their tall pink plumes swaying gently in the breeze. The one show above is from Annie's Annuals. But it can't live in my yard ... like the others, it's Nice In Someone Else's Yard ( :

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