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No Spring This Year

bouquet of ranunculus and roses
Late but beautiful - rose 'Just Joey' and ranunculus

It’s mid-April now, and yesterday was the first day that seemed warm enough to call spring. Today, tomorrow and next week are going to be hot, so I guess we’re skipping spring this year. We’ll go straight from unusually cold and rainy to summertime heat.

A serious gardener needs to take note of the weather and the usual seasons where they live. Here in San Jose, mid-April should be halfway through spring. I’ve kept garden notes for years, so I know when plants start to grow and flower in my yard. This year my spring flowers like sweet peas and ranunculus were unusually slow to start (although the daffodils and tulips loved the weather and they were all excellent). Now the days are getting too warm too fast and I think our sweet peas and campanula won’t have long to flower before they succumb to the heat.

sweet peas
Sweet peas from last year - this year's blooms are beautiful but late.

But there’s lots to look forward to. Our zinnias, marigolds and strawflowers are planted and growing - let’s see what summer brings.

summer flowers, zinnias
Summer flowers from 2022 - we hope to have these again in 2023!

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