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Ornamental Grasses

bouquet with zinnias
'Frosted Explosion' grass is like its name - a lovely explosion around fall flowers like these zinnias.

In late summer and early fall, I start looking for grasses to use as accents in my floral designs. They give a seasonal feeling of harvest and plenty. Here’s a list of varieties I’ve grown, plus a few I want to try.

Panicum Frosted Explosion This one is very easy to grow from seed.

Wheat I’ve tried several different kinds and these are lovely accents in fall arrangements: Utrecht Blue Wheat, Silver Tip Wheat and Black Tip Wheat. They’re available as seeds from Johnny’s Seeds or Botanical Interests and can be direct seeded (hallelujah – no seed trays and grow lights!).

Deschampia flexuosa This looks almost magical in a bouquet – tiny grains of sparkling light. Unfortunately, it’s not very productive, and I often wish I had several more plants, but they’re hard to find.

Eyebrow grass I’m a sucker for the whimsical look of this plant. It’s a staple in our local nurseries, but so far I haven’t added it to my own garden. So many plants, so little space!

Briza media aka Quaking Grass The pannicles of this grass are larger and make an unusual addition to bouquets. Like, Deschampia, it forms a perennial clump, but doesn't spread and sadly, not highly productive per plant.

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