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Our Flower Year in Review - 2021

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

A few of our summer flowers - tanacetum, orlaya and cosmos

I took a little time off from this blog to enjoy the holidays and to rest from garden chores. But now it’s a good time to look back at the past year and share some favorite photos. These are only a few, but they bring back wonderful memories and show the changes in our tiny flower farm as we moved through the seasons.

January - February

Jan 4, 2021 - first Iceland poppies

Jan 4 - seedlings in our garage greenhouse were growing well.

Jan 17 - Daphne, a shrub that is beautifully fragrant in winter. I never put it in bouquets because it's toxic, but I love the scent.

Feb 23 - "Parrot King" tulips

Feb 13 - a bouquet of daffodils, poppies and anemones

Feb 5 - all kinds of daffodils in early February.

March - April

March 23 - 'Chocolate' ranunculus. I hadn't grown these before and when I saw them, I decided not to grow them again. Not a good spring color, IMHO.

March 27 - flowers in our cooler, including late daffodils like 'Pippit' and 'Thalia' with 'Chocolate' ranuncs and double blue anemones.

April 19 - Rose 'Pink Perfection' lives up to its name!

April 23 - 'Chamallow' and 'Porcelaine' ranunculus with 'Buttercream' stock.

April 13 - ranunculus bouquet, including 'Porcelaine' and 'Chamallow' and 'LaBelle Gold'

April 24 - mixed bouquet of roses, Omphalodes, sweet peas, stock, ranunculus.

May - June

May 7 - Rose 'Sally Holmes'

May 7 - plants in our parking strip are coming along well.

May 8 - sweet peas!

May 16 - Campanula (not sure which variety) is such a long-lasting cut flower. I only had one plant like this, but ordered a lot more for 2022. I planted them as plugs in fall for spring bloom in 2022. Fingers crossed!

June 5 - building subscription bouquets with snaps, tanacetum, mint and myrtle.

June 17, 2021 - Rose 'Apricot Candy' was new to me this year. Wow it's such a good one!

July - August

August 14 - A beautiful mixed bouquet with dahlias, zinnias, roses and 'Galfrey Lye' fuchsia.

August 17 - Don tends to flowers at 'the annex' - our second growing site.

July 10 - We took a week of vacation and when we came back we had TOO MANY FLOWERS!

August 19 - Zinnias don't like the cooler so I keep them on our back porch.

July 8 - sunflowers at the annex.

July 9 - the front parking strip is in full bloom with snaps, strawflower and scabiosa.

July 10 - A gorgeous mixed bouquet with Chantilly snapdragons, strawflowers and pink scabiosa.

September - October

September 4 - mixed bouquet with 'Vintage White' scabiosa, 'Oklahoma Ivory' zinnias and 'French Lace' roses

September 4 - bouquet with 'Oklahoma Pink' zinnias and one huge 'State Fair' zinnia.

October 1 - mums are starting; this bouquet includes 'Heather James' mum, and zinnias 'Zowie' and 'Oklahoma Ivory' as well as gold celosia for a fall feeling.

October 1 - white center flowers are 'Benary's Giant White' zinnia and 'Fama White' scabiosa; accent flowers are 'Copper' strawflowers.

October 2 - Subscription bouquets ready for delivery.

October 19 - chrysanthemum 'Mankato' is early and VERY prolific.

November - December

November 5 - near the end of our subscription bouquet season; this bouquet features pink 'Annie Girl' and yellow 'Klamath Falls' mums.

November 5 - 'Apricot Alexis' and 'Seaton's Ruby' mums

November 6 - mums 'Peter Magnus' (small lavender), 'Seaton's Je'Dore' (pale pink) and a mystery mum sent to us by mistake, probably 'Jefferson Park'

November 16 - spider mum 'Senkyo Kenshin'

November 26 - our grandson helps Don clear out the flower beds, getting ready to plant tulips and ranunculus for next year.

December 19 - planting tulips for 2022.

Here's to a good year for Tiny Footprint Flowers!

Garden with sunflowers
Summer blooms at the annex.

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