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Seasons Change

Ranunculus "Chamallow' and 'Porcelaine'

I’ve been swamped with work for a couple of weeks now, because the seasons are changing, and I have to keep up! It’s time to take out the cool weather plants and put in the heat lovers – getting ready for the change from spring to summer.

One of the hard parts of flower farming is planning this kind of seasonal transition without causing big gaps in flower production. Sometimes we have to sacrifice some flower production to get a start on growing the next crop. For example, I’m taking out ranunculus plants now - and giving up some of their late spring blooms - because I need to plant zinnias in that same bed. You have to give up something to get something – just like the rest of life, I guess.

These ranunculus have to go to make room for zinnias!

The roses are starting to bloom, so next week we'll have those to fill in our flower gap. Sweet peas are coming on too, so we'll stay in business.

Roses 'Gold Medal, 'Rina Hugo,' 'French Lace' and 'Just Joey'

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