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Bouquet of the Week - Pink and Gray

bouquet of flowers
Pink and Gray - cosmos, larkspur and dusty miller

Today I’m showing one of my favorites from last spring – one of our subscription bouquets from May. It shows what there is to look forward to, because nearly all these flowers will be back again this year.

I loved the soft pinks and grays in this one; cosmos in in soft shell pink combined with larkspur varieties of deeper pink and palest lavender. Dusty Miller foliage provides the gray, which is always a beautiful complement for soft colors. This arrangement doesn’t have as many different elements as some of my bouquets, but that lets us concentrate on each beautiful part.

I picked a runner-up too, and this one has brilliant colors of purple and red. Purple larkspur, 'Chantilly Velvet' snapdragons for a deep wine-red. Those strong colors are set off by a copper-colored glass vase, a few strawflowers, and a splash of white from Dara ( a relative of Queen Anne's Lace).

bouquet of flowers
Strong colors in a bouquet of larkspur, snapdragaons and Dara

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