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Looking Back - Bouquets of 2023

bouquet with chrysanthemums roses
A custom bouquet featuring heirloom mums

Every weekend from February to November, I make small bouquets for our subscription customers. These are made in Mason jars – easy to return or reuse – and they always feature the best of our local, seasonal flowers. Sometimes I make large custom bouquets in beautiful vases, but these too, feature our own flowers.

As an artist, I enjoy the changing color palette I get to work with each week. I might have lavender and pale pink for several weeks during sweet pea season, then the palette shifts to brilliant colors when our zinnias bloom. Summer brings a range of colors, from light pink lisianthus to orange marigolds. In fall I work with rusty rose, muted purple, and brilliant gold – all from the heirloom chrysanthemums that Don grows. Whatever the season, it’s always fun for me to combine flowers and foliage to make the most of the colors and forms I find in our growing beds.

Here are a few of my favorites from all the seasonal bouquets I made during 2024.

Top row: A spring combination of pale pink ranunculus and lavender sweet peas; a brighter bouquet featuring chartreuse euphorbia, purple larkspur and white campanula.

Bottom row: Brilliant pinks and purples from zinnias and statice; a softer set of colors from lisianthus, statice and the green seed pods of scabiosa.

bouquet with marigolds
A custom bouquet featuring marigolds and purple asters.

Top row: I've tested the vase life of our flowers, these are tulip varieties lined up for evaluation; Don at work in the mum bed.

Bottom row: Sometimes we visit other local growers and this arrangement features dahlias grown by Turbow Farms; a subscription bouquet with long spikes of coral Clarkia with purple scabiosa and white tanacetum.

chrysanthemum bouquet
Heirloom mums: Quan Yon Hung, King's Delight, Rose Maiko, Lynn Johnson.

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