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September in Review

bouquet with zinnias
A quick bouquet made from leftovers, including a huge State Fair zinnia.

Everything in the garden slows down by late September - except the chrysanthemums. They’re branching out, stretching up and setting fat buds. They won’t open into usable flowers until mid-October, but I love checking on them every day, watching their progress.

Our zinnias are still putting out flowers, but each bloom is smaller than the ones we harvested in early summer. Roses are setting another batch of buds, but that will be their last for the year – hopefully in time for Thanksgiving.

Here are a few of the best photos of the month. Zinnias were our main flowers, then the summer staples – scabiosa, strawflower and celosia.

Top row - Oklahoma Pink zinnias; south parking strip with zinnias and yellow statice

Middle row - A few of our Saturday subscription bouquets; Oxford Blue scabiosa in north parking strip

Bottom row - Statice; closeup of bouquet with French Lace roses, Vintage White strawflower, Oklahoma Ivory and Benary's White zinnias

bouquets of cut flowers, zinnias
State Fair zinnias, strawflowers and tanacetum are the main players in this photo.

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