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Order Your Mum Cuttings!

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

chrysanthemums, pink and bronze
'Senkyo Kenshin' (bronze spider form), 'Peter Magnus' (small pink), 'Apricot Alexis' (large apricot incurve)

I showed you how beautiful chrysanthemums can be in an earlier post (here). I shared pics of gorgeous colors and unusual flower shapes. Now it's time to remind you that King's Mums is probably the ONLY place to find these beauties, and you have to order them now, not in late summer or fall, when they begin to bud and bloom. That's when you might start thinking about mums, but if you go to your local nursery or Home Depot, you'll only find plain old boring mums. So ... order a few cuttings now, and you can thank me later.

Fresh from the garden: Vesuvio, Heather James, River CIty, Seaton's Ruby and Kokka No Waza

Here are seven of the mums I'll be growing this year. I highly recommend all of them. I'll be trying some other varieties as well, so next fall I'll let you know how I like them.

River City - large blooms with lavender/mauve incurved petals

Annie Girl - pink with yellow center

Vesuvio - sprays of small white flowers, anemone form

Senkyo Kenshin - very large bronze, spider form

Heather James - yellow and bronze, medium size, very reliable

Apricot Alexis - gorgeous apricot incurve form

Seaton's Ruby - deep orangey-bronze, medium size

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