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Our Flower Year in Review

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Overall, 2020 was a horrible year, but the bright spot for Don and I was starting our flower business, Tiny Footprint Flowers. During the lock-down for Covid, we worked on our parking strip flower garden and we found that our flowers were a welcome sight for everyone walking by. We were all trying to escape and adjust to the strange new situation!

Here are just a few of our favorite photos from 2020.

flowers, tulips
Tulips from February 2020 - not your usual varieties!

Our front parking strip became a cut flower garden, with larkspur as the first crop.

sweet peas
A big bunch of sweet peas, mostly the bright coral variety 'Restormel'

A collage of some favorite pics. Clockwise from top left: dahlia 'Marcia Dawn'; a big bouquet featuring zinnias; a bouquet of white tanacetum and orange zinnias; Don prepping our parking strip for planting; 'Just Joey' roses; sweet peas; Julie planting seedlings; fall chrysanthemums. In the center is sunflower 'Pro Cut Gold.'

flower bouquets
Subscription bouquets ready for delivery - zinnias and 'Black Knight' scabiosa

flower bouquet, chrysanthemums
Fall bouquet featuring heirloom chrysanthemums

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